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Best Alternatives for WinRAR

Compression is one of the most widely utilised PC capabilities, with personal and professional applications. To reduce file size or send files, we must compress or decompress them. WinZip and WinRAR are the two most used utilities for this purpose, with millions of users. These are, however, paid tools, and most users prefer free tools. However, because practically everything on the internet is free, compression programmes are no exception.

There are several free third-party software accessible on the internet that will allow you to compress or decompress files in a variety of formats. Most of these utilities have the same functionality as WinZip or WinRAR, but some of them may even be superior.

List of the Best Alternatives for WinRAR


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Since 1999, 7-Zip has been a freeware programme for zipping and unzipping files. The application got the SourceForge award for best open source project in 2007. The WinRAR alternative builds zip archives in the 7-Zip format, which is indicated by the file ending. 7z. It’s a container format with a modular & open structure. Users may also compress and unzip files in the following formats using 7-Zip:

7-Zip compresses files using a sophisticated proprietary encryption method, trading compression speed in favour of compression quality. The application may also unzip archives with the following extensions:.arj,.cpio,.lzh,.lha, and.rar. It can also extract files from Microsoft Cabinet, Windows Installer, and application archives.

Individual files or whole directory structures can be encrypted using 7-Zip if necessary. You may need to input the decryption password to see the folder and file names of the archived elements, depending on the level of encryption.


Best Alternatives for WinRAR

PeaZip is a free alternative to WinRAR for zipping and unzipping files. It allows you to edit, save, and restore archive layouts as well as apply various filters to archive contents. You may also safely divide and join archives, as well as remove files. The application is available for Windows 32 and 64 bit (XP or above) as well as Linux.

PeaZip Portable is a version of PeaZip that does not require installation on a computer and can be used directly from external storage devices such as USB flash drives.

The following archives may be compressed and uncompressed with PeaZip:

The compression application may also unzip (only) the following archives: .ace,.arj,.bz,.cab,.chm,.cpio, Java,.lzh,.lha,.rar,.wim,.xpi,.taz

The Unarchiver

WinRAR pc

This WinRAR replacement is only available for macOS and Linux. The application is simple to use and has a straightforward structure. It can unzip a wide range of file types, however, it cannot generate archives: You must use other apps to zip files because it lacks its own compression format. The Unarchiver does not have any encryption settings because it merely unzips files.

The following files may be,.zipx,.rar,.7z,.tar,.gzip,.bz2,.lzma,.cab,.exe,.ffs,.xar,.rpm,.deb,.ar,.alzip,.warc,.nds.


Best Alternatives for WinRAR

IZArc2Go is a file zipping and unzipping portable application. The software may be run straight from data media such as USB flash drives and external hard drives, making it ideal for business travellers on the go. Rijndael AES 256-bit encryption is also available in this WinRAR alternative. Splitting archives and comment features are also supported by the programme. A decryption module for ZIP passwords is also included in the app.

The files that can be zipped or unzipped are-
.7z,.arc,.arj, B64,.bh,.bin,.bz2,.c2d,.cab,.cdi,.cpio,.deb,.enc,.gca,.gz,.gza,.img, ISO,.jar,.tha,.lib,.lzh,.mdf,.