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How to Use WinRAR?

In many respects, your computer resembles the rubbish drawer in your kitchen. There are a lot of items in there that you don’t use right now, but you don’t want to get rid of since you might want them in the future. They do, however, take up a lot of room.

There are numerous things on your computer that you don’t use very often but don’t want to delete, ranging from films and family photographs to old school papers and signed contracts. Fortunately, you may archive the files by compressing them into smaller data packages. You open them up when you need them or want to see them.

WinRAR, for example, can help users compress & archive these priceless memories.

What exactly is WinRAR?

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WinRAR is a trialware file archiving application that works with both Windows and Mac computers. Eugene Roshal of win.rar GmbH created it, and it was first released in April 1995.

To clear up space on your hard disc, the software employs RAR and ZIP formats to assist you to obtain information that you aren’t currently utilising on your computer. Because the files are compressed, they aren’t as massive as they originally were, allowing you to save more space.

After a severe security flaw was uncovered, the software was updated and published in February 2019. This utility programme is free to test for 40 days before you decide to buy it, allowing you the opportunity to make an informed decision.

WinRAR: How to Use It

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WinRAR may be used to both open and generate archives. The programme is simple to operate and may be completed in a matter of minutes. If you’re archiving files, you’ll have to repeat the instructions for each one.

A WinRAR file is made up of many phases, including:

  • Select File in the WinRAR application.
  • Choose New Zip File.
  • Put the file you wish to convert into a.rar format into the software.
  • Select Zip Press Okay from the left-hand panel.
  • You may encrypt, decrease photo size, convert to PDF, or add a watermark from the right-hand file.
  • Choose between sharing and saving.

This is a simple method for archiving a large number of files. It’s even simpler to open a WinRAR file. The steps are as follows:

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Open the WinRAR archive that contains the file you wish to open.
Even if you aren’t computer smart, you can use this program to start archiving files. Highlight the file you want to extract Click Extract to Select the folder where you want the extracted files to appear Click Ok.

Why would you desire something better?

The programme only creates.rar files using WinRAR. You might prefer software that is more flexible and can handle a wider range of file formats. Another programme, such as WinZip, gives you additional options, allowing you to archive more files and file formats.

Most of these tools, including WinZip, will open.rar files as well, so you won’t have to convert files you’ve previously archived.


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Once you’re ready to start archiving data on your computer to save up space by compressing files you don’t use very often, WinRAR is a good choice. However, if you want further flexibility, you may want to consider using WinZip.